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Pictures from the Past

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The pictures presented here are to remind the older generation of the way things were when they were young and the newer generations of the way their parents and grandparents experienced the ways of their times. Memories are made of this. Many of the items pictured here came from old post cards and were the signs of their times then. These pictures depict a way of life here on the Eastern Shore that is now mostly long gone. Visitors to the Eastern Shore mailed these post cards to their friends and relatives all over the U. S. This collection of old post cards were hard to compile because we were at the origin of where the cards were mailed from and not the destination. Therefore the post cards were widely scattered over the entire country. Other pictures came from the author's collection. Some of the originals are seventy five or more years old. Enjoy the pictures. Maybe they will invoke a few memories or bring up some questions and some more pleasant conversations.

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