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Chincoteague Oral Histories

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Birch,  Bill and Mary Alice - October 21 2007.mp3  | Transcript

Birch, Malnina and Mr Birch October 8 1985.mp3

Bowden, Edward August 1 2006.mp3 | Transcript

Brasure, Ruby September 18 2006.mp3 | Transcript

Clark, Walt April 8 1998.mp3

Cobb, Lucille 9-5-2013.mp3

Collins, Corkey 8-31-2013.mp3

Conklin, Henry James (Bob) July 31 2006.mp3

Daisey, Cigar April 29 1998.mp3 | Transcript

Davis, Anne Lumley May 7 2006.mp3 | Transcript

Derrickson, Grier April 20 2006.mp3 | Transcript

Fisher, Thalia May 3 2006.mp3

Holland, Dennis October 17 2005.mp3

Howard, Terry January 24 2006.mp3 | Transcript

Jester, Bill Side 1 1977.mp3 | Transcript 

Jester, Bill Side 2 1977.mp3

Jester, Richard, Vergie Merritt, Mayor Tony Stass (1).mp3 

Jester, Richard, Vergie Merritt, Mayor Tony Stassio (2).mp3

Jester, William F 1977-78.mp3

Jester, William F 1977.mp3 

Jester, William F May 20 1978.mp3

Jester, William F with Nat Steelman December 1977 Tape 1.mp3 

Jones, Leroy Roy November 7 2005.mp3

Jones, Roy February 24 2006.mp3 | Transcript

Kaul, Alice  7-19-2013.mp3 

Leonard, Donald April 25 2006.mp3 | Transcript

Leonard, Donald October 9 1985.mp3 

Leonard, Donald, Gladys Richardson and others.mp3

Lott, Ernestine Holstein 9-30-2013.mp3

McGee, Cork April 1998.mp3 |Transcript

Merritt, Helen - September 17 2007.mp3| Transcript 

Nancy West and others.mp3

Phipps, Jeanette and Catherine Ewell September 15 2.mp3 | Transcript

Quillen, Howard 12-4-2012.mp3 

Reed, Woose Tape 1 January2004.mp3

Reed, Woose Tape 2 January 2004.mp3 

Risley, Ed and Cynthia -  July 2007.mp3 | Transcript

Salyer 9-10-2013.mp3 

Savage, Bill and Rosalie Merritt Savage November 4 2005.mp3

Stassio, Tony - Mayor October 1985 Tape 1.mp3 

Stassio, Tony - Mayor October 1985 Tape 2.mp3

Steelman, Nat 1977.mp3 

Steelman, Nat Family 1977.mp3

Turnquist, Gary November 16 2005 (1).mp3 

Watson, Denny and family Sunday Night with a Wire Rec.mp3

Williams, Frank - March 15 2006.mp3 | Transcript


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